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About us

Borgia Solai is a building company specializes in the production, construction and distribution of slabs, concrete products and drinking water tanks. We satisfy every request thanks to a skilled and professional team.

Drinking water tanks

We manufacture drinking water tanks for agricultural, industrial and domestic use: the materials are comply with Regulation

Biological Imhoff tanks

Imhoff biological tanks are used for the primary treatment of sewage from civil houses

Rainwater treatment plants

We manufacture rainwater treatment plants with state-of-the-art tanks and high-quality materials

Prefabricated slabs

Prefabricated slabs are important in the process of building construction; they are custom made and equipped in the factory with the necessary openings


We offer building services in constant evolution and updating. If you need cement artifcats and slabs, rely on us! We professionals in the sector!
Thanks to the continuous research of the best materials, we guarantee a wide range of quality products: we are able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

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