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Professional building services

Borgia Solai puts at the disposal of its customers all the experience accrued in the making of concrete artifacts, ceilings, rainwater tanks, imhoff tanks, poles, concrete rings, partitions, tubes, pipelines, water reservoir tanks, settlement sludge and prefabricated buildings in Partinico.

Technical rooms

Borgia Solai carries out its business with integrity and it respects with awareness all our Community and environmental legislation. The company guarantees a constant control of the productive process directly in the workshop and over the final products: this is a very important for the customers that can safely purchase.

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Imhoff tanks

Imhoff tanks are biological and they are suitable for the primary treatment of wastewater from domestic use.
Imhoff tanks can be of different shapes and sizes according to the type of user. The use of this kind of installations is particularly advantageous: the installation time is reduced, tanks are carriageable and heavy without additional work to be done and besides they are not subject to crushing during maintenance or emptying operations.

Water containers in cement

Cement water containers are made in different shapes depending on the size of the tank and on the amount of water to be contained.
The company offers certified high quality artifacts in step with the times thanks to a constant technological investment, a state of the art equipment and supported by an experienced and dedicated team.

Roofing systems

Borgia Solai provides a cutting-edge solution ideal for both renovations and new constructions, thanks to a wide range of insulation.
Insulation materials guarantee high performance in terms of thermal insulation, energy savings and consequently a significant reduction of costs; besides they make the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter.

Welded wire mesh

Welded wire meshes are available in different standard formats that respect national and European standards. These particular products are guaranteed with high ductility characteristics and they are suitable for structural applications in seismic zones.